About Extreme Staffing

Serving clients and employers in Utah and Idaho, we specialize in production, warehouse and call center staffing, and comprehensive payroll and HR solutions.

Our History

While running my concrete-cutting business in 2010, I recognized two big struggles in our workforce: employers had a hard time finding reliable employees, and reliable employees struggled to find work. I wanted to create a central platform where companies and employees could find one another, so I launched Extreme Staffing that same year. Since then, we’ve grown to six Utah and Idaho locations. Sharing a database of over 21,000 employees, we employ an average of 3,000 people each week.

As our staffing company grew, so did our clients’ needs. In 2015 I launched XPS (Extreme Payroll Services), serving companies’ payroll and HR administration needs with the convenience of weekly phone call.

It feels great knowing we help each community where we have an office. We get employees into jobs they are happy with, and we get employers reliable workers they can count on. That in turn allows each company to operate efficiently and boost the economy.

Extreme Staffing knows the community is the driving force of what makes us successful. Each branch manager is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, and I allow flexible work schedules so our office staff can volunteer locally. Extreme also donates to many local food and clothing drives and sponsors many local businesses.

As our company continues to grow, so does our passion for the industry, employers and people we serve.

Derrick Hope