Explaining Employment Gaps to Hiring Managers

extreme staffing explaining employment gaps

Employment gaps might feel like a big warning sign on your resume. Even if there’s a perfectly good reason for them, you know they’re there, the hiring manager knows they’re there and you know they’re going to ask about them. How can you explain them without over-sharing? Maybe you took a few months off to… Read more »

How Much is Turnover Costing Your Business?

extreme staffing turnover costs your business

It’s crucial to hire the most talented employees available when you’re building your team. In the long run, however, retaining those employees will build long-term benefits for your business. You need to find people who fit into your company’s culture and bring the right skills and mindset to your team. If you can’t retain your… Read more »

Seven Free Ways to Make Ongoing Education Part of Your Career

extreme staffing keep learning while working

Learning new skills regularly is crucial to advance your career. For those that are working full-time or juggling multiple jobs, it can be tough to find time to think about your professional future. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to gain new skills and knowledge and to do so for free. Here are seven free… Read more »

Should You Foster Competition in Your Workplace?

You’re probably looking to build a staff full of people who are goal-oriented, hardworking, and competitive, which are all great qualities, especially in sales organization. But not everyone does well in such an environment. Sometimes competitiveness can be toxic, causing co-workers to undermine or hurt each other. Should you foster competition in your workplace? It… Read more »

Debunking Common Myths About Personal Protective Equipment

If you work in a warehouse or manufacturing environment, you’ve surely been required to wear protective equipment on the job. But when it comes to personal protective equipment (or PPE) in the workplace – hard hats, goggles, boots – there are a lot of myths and a lot of confusion. People don’t always seem to… Read more »

Three Ways to Hire Your Next Top Employee Quicker

The job market for light industrial work is competitive, so it’s important to attract and hire top talent quickly. When you find the right person who’s a great cultural fit, you need to move fast, before they get snatched up by your competition! This doesn’t mean you should make an impulsive decision, but it does… Read more »

What Story Does Your Resume Tell Employers About You?

extreme staffing payroll storytelling resume

Your resume is your primary marketing tool – the first thing employers see – so it’s important to make sure it tells the right story. You want it to describe a hardworking, experienced job seeker who’s eager for their next opportunity. Potential employers are looking for three things – you’re capable of the job; you… Read more »

Hiring Friends and Family: What to Do and What Not to Do

extreme staffing hiring friends and family

We’ve all heard the sage, old advice to never hire friends and family. Never blur those lines between employer and loved one. It makes sense most of the time, but what if your cousin is the most qualified person you’ve interviewed? Or your best friend from grade school is the only one willing to take… Read more »

Reverse the Interview: How to Come Up with Great Questions for Your Interviewer

extreme staffing interview questions for candidates to ask

You’re approaching the end of a job interview, and it’s your turn to ask questions. You want to demonstrate you’re thoughtful, you’ve researched the company and you’ve considered what it’d be like to work in this role. You don’t want to focus too much on yourself, nor do you want to ask the interviewer too… Read more »

Four Things to Consider When Converting Temporary Employees to Permanent Ones

extreme staffing converting temporary employees to permanent

The transition of a temporary employee to a permanent employee is an important one. If you hired them directly, that process is all up to you, though you can use the following considerations for guidance. But if you used a staffing agency, there’s a lot more to think about, such as the binding contract, the… Read more »