How to Prepare Your Business for Seasonal Sales Changes

extreme staffing seasonal staffing changes

Turnover can be incredibly costly for your business. Hiring and training takes time and money – replacing entry-level employees can cost as much as half of their annual salary. For skilled professionals, that number can skyrocket multiple times. If you can anticipate annual fluctuations in your hiring need, you’ll help your company spare some of… Read more »

Three Ways a Healthy Lifestyle Can Help You Handle the Night Shift

extreme staffing healthy lifestyle night shift

Though many people don’t mind working the night shift, businesses need employees around the clock and there are financial benefits to working outside first shift. Even for workers who enjoy it, third-shift work takes a toll on your body – and has the potential to affect your immune system, energy levels, internal clock and digestion.… Read more »

Tapping into Employee Potential: Help Them Become Their Best Selves

extreme staffing tapping into employee potential

High-potential employees are the future leaders of your company, the rising stars who aspire for more and enjoy new challenges. It’s important to be able to identify them when you’re hiring so you can offer them what they want to stay loyal to you. You also need to keep them engaged so they continue to… Read more »

“Tell Me About Yourself.” Here’s How to Ace the First Interview Question

Many interviewers will start an interview with an open-ended question like, “Tell me about yourself.” It’s a great icebreaker and gets you to feel comfortable talking and showing off your true personality. For some, it can also be an intimidating question with how open-ended it can be. What exactly does this employer want to know?… Read more »

Five Ways to Build Outstanding Leadership Skills

No matter where you are in your career, at some point someone will hand you the reins in a leadership role and you’ll be expected to step up. You might have to take charge on an innovative idea, step up to handle a duty outside your job description or take over in a management position.… Read more »

Explaining Employment Gaps to Hiring Managers

extreme staffing explaining employment gaps

Employment gaps might feel like a big warning sign on your resume. Even if there’s a perfectly good reason for them, you know they’re there, the hiring manager knows they’re there and you know they’re going to ask about them. How can you explain them without over-sharing? Maybe you took a few months off to… Read more »

How Much is Turnover Costing Your Business?

extreme staffing turnover costs your business

It’s crucial to hire the most talented employees available when you’re building your team. In the long run, however, retaining those employees will build long-term benefits for your business. You need to find people who fit into your company’s culture and bring the right skills and mindset to your team. If you can’t retain your… Read more »

Seven Free Ways to Make Ongoing Education Part of Your Career

extreme staffing keep learning while working

Learning new skills regularly is crucial to advance your career. For those that are working full-time or juggling multiple jobs, it can be tough to find time to think about your professional future. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to gain new skills and knowledge and to do so for free. Here are seven free… Read more »

Should You Foster Competition in Your Workplace?

You’re probably looking to build a staff full of people who are goal-oriented, hardworking, and competitive, which are all great qualities, especially in sales organization. But not everyone does well in such an environment. Sometimes competitiveness can be toxic, causing co-workers to undermine or hurt each other. Should you foster competition in your workplace? It… Read more »

Debunking Common Myths About Personal Protective Equipment

If you work in a warehouse or manufacturing environment, you’ve surely been required to wear protective equipment on the job. But when it comes to personal protective equipment (or PPE) in the workplace – hard hats, goggles, boots – there are a lot of myths and a lot of confusion. People don’t always seem to… Read more »