Everyday Tips to Improve Safety in Your Workplace

Day in and day out, one of your top priorities as a manager is workplace safety. You don’t want the weight of injuring one of your employees hanging over your head. Safety concerns that lead to injuries could cost your business, both in terms of replacing labor and potentially compensating injured employees. That’s why it pays to have a proactive plan to address safety concerns and continually look for areas of improvement! Here are five everyday tips to improve safety in your workplace.

Make Good Hires

First and foremost, safety starts when you hire. You can’t simply hire anyone and everyone – hiring candidates with the proper skills and experiences ensures you will have a team that works carefully and competently. If employees are not trained and aware of best practices to maintain a safe workplace, they need to learn those practices before starting on the job.

Invest in Training

Once you’ve hired the most qualified employees, it’s time to train them right. Show them how you want the job to be done and give them tips and guidelines for the safest practices. Don’t rely on your employees to trust their instincts when making decisions. Instead, instill proper, safe procedures that will be come second nature.

Require Safe Workplaces

If you encourage productivity or urgency while sacrificing safety as a manager, you’ll send the wrong message to your employees. Instead, earn their trust by showing them that you have their best interests at heart. That trust will build loyalty, so your employees buy in to your safety practices and work within those standards.

Ensure the Right Resources

Your employees need to have the right tools and equipment – steel toed shoes, safety glasses, gloves, helmets and other personal protective equipment required to reduce the risk of injury. Again, instilling principles of safety in your employees before they start and early in their work goes a long way.

Praise Safe Work in Public

Yes, you want to recognize all work that’s done well, but in order to build your safety culture, praise work that’s done safely. You can also reward workers who make suggestions about new safety precautions. But do not incentivize zero-injuries because you’ll encourage zero reporting, which can actually diminish safety in the workplace.

Set the Foundation for a Safe Work Environment

Just as you’re always looking for ways to be more productive or efficient, you should also be looking for more ways to decrease risk. Brainstorm safer procedures and ask them what concerns they might have about safety. The more heads you have working on it, the better ideas you’ll have and the safer workplace you can guarantee!

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