Seven Interview Prep Exercises That Could Lead to Your Next Hire

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Do you find yourself struggling to succeed in interviews? A job interview can be a stressful endeavor. You’re worried about making a good first impression, saying all the right things and proving you’re the best fit for the position.

The more prepared you are, the more confident you’ll feel. After finishing your application and starting the hiring process, here are seven interview prep exercises that could lead to your next hire.

Research the Company

You probably did a little research before applying for the job, but it’s best to refresh your memory. Research the company and the job posting, and be prepared to ask questions about how your work in the position you’re applying for impacts the business. Check out their website and Google recent news articles. Know who your supervising manager would be and prepare questions to learn more about their leadership style.

Review Your Own Resume

Your interviewer clearly liked your resume if they’ve asked you in for an interview, so make sure you’re prepared to talk about it. If it’s a phone interview, print off a copy and have it in front of you. Practice telling the narrative of your career, highlighting your accomplishments, your most relevant experiences and your career goals moving forward.

Recall Your Accomplishments

Your hiring manager is most interested in your past experiences and what you’ve accomplished. They want to know how much money you saved your company, how many new customers you brought in, and how many employees you managed. In other words, they want to know how you brought value to your company.

Prepare Questions to Ask

The questions you ask at the end of an interview are incredibly important because it’s your chance to learn everything else you need to know about the position and the work involved. Make sure you have a solid list of questions prepared! Don’t bring up topics like salary, benefits or hours in the first interview – it’ll make you appear more focused on those periphery topics than on the job itself. Instead, ask about the company’s values, what professional development opportunities you’ll have, or what success looks like in that position.

Re-Read the Job Description

The job description is a great place to snag some clues about what the interview will be like. You want the wording to be fresh in your mind, so you can echo your traits that qualify you for the job.

Prepare for the Common Questions

No matter the industry, many job interviews feature the same types of questions, so rehearse your answers to them. Be able to provide a strong overview of your professional experience at the start, talk about your strengths, your values as a professional and why you’re applying for the job.

Plan the Logistics

Lay out your outfit ahead of time, map out your route and make sure you show up early, not simply on time. Have a positive mindset – set up a routine that gets you happy and ready to take on the interview!

Ready to Knock Your Next Interview Out of the Park?

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