Easy Resume Tips to Improve Your Luck in the Job Market

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More and more companies are bringing new technical solutions into their application processes, which means that it’s easier than ever to apply to a job – sometimes as fast as one or two clicks! With increased access to job applications comes increased competition, and you’ll have to work harder to make sure your resume stands out from the rest of the applicants.

Since most hiring managers only spend a few seconds scanning each resume, you’ll have to catch their attention quickly. Is your resume ready to go? Submit your resume today and the Extreme Staffing team will help you find new job opportunities across Idaho and Utah!

Here are some easy resume tips to improve your luck in the job market.

Add a Profile Summary

Move your career highlights into a profile summary at the top of your resume. Include a brief summary of your skills, experiences and goals as they relate to the specific job openings you are looking for. Instead of mentioning your personal career goals, focus on the contributions you can make to your employer if hired.

Include your hard skills in this section along with certifications, licensures, foreign language skills and any other relevant experiences you’ve obtained. It’s also a place to show off your soft skills like communication, organization and work ethic.

Use Action Verbs

Don’t simply say that you “were responsible for” a certain task. Instead, use powerful verbs to show that you’re proactively working toward achieving the goals of your company. Try coordinated, oversaw, planned, implemented, initiated, consolidated, enhanced, sustained or redesigned. There are so many options that describe the amazing changes you brought about for your former employer.

Include Leadership Qualities

Most hiring managers are looking for leadership skills or the capacity to build them, even if you’re applying for an entry-level position. Things like initiative go a long way when employers are looking for candidates who will go above and beyond in their work. If you already demonstrate some of those leadership traits or have experience as a leader, you’ll have a leg up on the competition. Show that you’ve inspired, chaired, oversaw, hired, guided or mentored others in any way.

Support With Evidence

Once you make these claims about what a great employee you are in your profile or in your leadership qualities, you need to support it with proof. Use your achievements as evidence of your skills and abilities. Make sure the references you supply for the job can speak to the highlights and accomplishments you’ve listed in your resume.

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