Five Things to Avoid When Writing Your Resume

There’s no better way to sum up your career than with the perfect resume. If you craft it right, it’ll earn you an interview and help land you that job. Resumes should show off your skills and accomplishments, match your qualifications to the employer’s requirements, and highlight your experiences and training.

What shouldn’t be included in a resume? Here are five things to avoid before applying for new jobs in Idaho and Utah.

Don’t Include Meaningless Tasks

Market your most valuable tasks. Start by listing all your tasks and responsibilities and prioritize the ones that added actual value to past employers. Those are the ones you need to include on your resume, not the smaller, more tedious ones that could be done by anyone. Use powerful action verbs to show the importance of your efforts.

Don’t Forget to Show “Why”

Show why you’re important! Lay out your tasks in a way that demonstrates how your efforts led to earning a promotion or helped your past employer develop a new process. Show how your experience in your current job benefits your company and could benefit prospective employers in the future.

Don’t Bore Them

Don’t repeat the same mundane words over and over – the hiring manager will get bored and the impact of your actions and responsibilities will be lost. Remember, they’re evaluating your ability to communicate as one of your skills, so if you can’t express your effectiveness on your resume, that doesn’t bode well for the likelihood of getting hired. Stay concise but use powerful words that show your significance and your most noteworthy actions.

Don’t Be Passive

Avoid saying you “were responsible for” certain things, tell the reader exactly what you did. Use action verbs, and numbers, percentages or amounts of money to make your claims bolder and more noteworthy.

Stay Focused on Your Strengths

As you craft your resume, focus on one job or one type of job at a time. Don’t assume you can use the same resume for a manufacturing job that you can use in a temporary administrative position. You might be equally qualified for both jobs, but the skills required for each are vastly different, so you should compose two different resumes.

This way, you can tailor your resume for each position, highlighting the skills and qualifications for a manufacturing role in one, echoing the language in the original job description, and highlighting the skills and qualifications for the administrative role in the second.

Finished With Your Resume?

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