How to Properly Treat Candidates You Do Not Hire

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It’s never fun to be the bearer of bad news, but the truth of the matter is, for each of your job openings you can only hire one person. Depending on how many applications you receive, you’ll need to turn down other applicants.

In order to maintain relationships with the other candidates, it’s always best to reach out and let them know they were not hired for this position. Not only does it reflect well on your business, it also allows you to stay in touch with candidates who might be a great fit for future positions!

Here are some tips on how to properly treat the candidates you don’t hire.

Don’t Delay

There is nothing worse than sitting around and waiting to hear back about a job opportunity! Be courteous and promptly let the applicants know as soon as you’ve made a decision. If you can give them a little feedback about why they weren’t hired, even better.

If you leave applicants with a bad taste, you risk missing out on future applications. They won’t apply to your company next time or they’ll tell their friends about their negative experience, and they won’t apply either.

Explain Your Criteria

Prepare what you’re going to say ahead of time. Be honest and open about how you assessed the candidates and how you made your decisions. Obviously, you don’t have to give them every detail, but you could mention you were prioritizing certain qualifications they fell just short of.

Let them know exactly what skills they could develop to be better suited for the role or offer a bit of constructive criticism on their interviewing techniques. If they were a decent candidate, you might encourage them to apply for more roles in your company.

Keep Communication Lines Open

If you really did like the candidate, then let them know. Maybe they would fit into your company culture perfectly, but that particular job wasn’t a great match. Maybe they just needed a tad more experience and a more experienced candidate beat them out, or maybe they were lacking a specific type of training that could have set them apart from the rest of the competition.

Connect With Excellent Candidates in Idaho and Utah

Eventually you might find a past candidate is the most talented, most qualified person and you have the perfect opening for them. The timing will be right, and you’ll already have a solid relationship with a treasured candidate.

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