How to Follow up With an Employer Without Being a Pest

You’re a perfect fit for the position, you nailed the interview, and now you’re just waiting to hear back. And waiting. And waiting. Even two days can seem like an eternity!

It’s important to follow up and check in, but you want to do so without being a pest. How soon should you do it? Should you call or email? Is it okay to check in a second time? Here are some tips on how to reach out and inquire about a job status.

Establish Your Point of Contact

First, figure out the best person at the company to contact. If you had an interview, check with your interviewer. It might be the person you sent your resume to, the receptionist or another HR person listed on the company’s website. If you can’t find a name, search LinkedIn for the name of their hiring manager.

No matter who you talk to or email, be enthusiastic! Instead of simply asking whether they received your resume, mention your fit for the position and ask what the next steps are in their hiring process.

Reiterate Your Value

Briefly explain why you’re suited for this position. Mention your experience in a similar role, training you’ve had that aligns with the company’s needs or a previous accomplishment that might be useful. Maybe you boosted sales for a previous employer or helped them cut expenses.

Keep It Short

Make sure the interviewer hears from you in the first two days after your interview to stay top-of-mind. Beyond that, one week is a good time frame for your follow-up email or phone call.

Most companies don’t have the capacity to reach out to every single applicant, so you risk seeming like an irritant if you compose a lengthy, pleading email. Instead, simply express your interest in the position, reiterate your top qualifications, and ask about next steps. If you haven’t already had an interview, mention you’re available to meet on the phone or in person to further discuss your suitability. If you still don’t hear back after another week, pause for a moment and ask yourself how interested you are in this position. If you’re still really excited about it, go ahead and reach out again. Otherwise, move on.

Check Your Spam Folder

Many emails that come from large companies are automatically sent to spam folders, especially if they’re automated. Some organizations may have even sent several updates on their hiring process, but you might have to search to find them. It might simply be a generic confirmation email stating they received your resume, but it may hint at your status or next steps.

Stay Positive

Most importantly, stay optimistic! Rejection, or even just radio silence, can be frustrating, but your perfect job is out there. Stay strong, be persistent, and be open to insights, career advice, and job search tips wherever you might find them.

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The interview process can be stressful as you wait to hear back from employers. Having a plan of attack before starting your interviews goes a long way – and is certainly a better approach than just waiting to hear back from employers!

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