How Finding a Staffing Partner Can Benefit Your Business

No matter how well you read people and how good you think you are at hiring, the reality is you may not have the time it takes to scan resumes, schedule interviews and select the perfect candidate for your job opening. Staffing agencies do have that time! Finding an expert to help you hire better people can be a huge benefit for your business.

While you’re busy planning a marketing strategy, managing your employees and researching other innovations to make your company more efficient and productive, you can utilize a staffing agency to do all your hiring. Here are four significant ways a staffing partner can benefit your business.

They’re the Experts

They know what to do when it comes to finding top talent and how to get it done. They know your industry and they understand what requirements you’re looking for and where to find that perfect candidate. Knowledgeable about current employment trends relevant to your job opening, they know just what kind of offer it will take to get that person hired.

A staffing agency knows what sets your company apart from the competition and can help you sell your company to job seekers. They’re also experienced in facilitating special hiring arrangements, like temporary employees or temp-to-hire positions that will meet your staffing needs.

You’ll Reduce Costs in Many Ways

Staffing agencies can help reduce your hiring costs in several ways. First, their commitment to your staffing needs frees you up to focus your time and energy elsewhere, like making your company more efficient and productive. Second, they can help absorb the costs of advertising your job opening, testing employees, conducting background checks and drug screenings, and processing payroll and benefits.

They Have a Large Network

They know people who are ready to get to work for you! Not only do they have a database of qualified job seekers, they also have relationships with employees whom they’ve already deemed as dependable and hardworking. Those reliable, conscientious workers can fill your hiring needs as soon as you need them, which is great if you’re looking for an immediate, or even temporary solution.

Staffing Agencies Have Greater Retention Rates

If your company partners with a staffing agency, you’ll have the chance to take note of your temporary employees’ work habits and performance before you offer them a full-time position. Plus, the staffing agency is so skilled at finding the best fit for your company from their network of talent, you’re more likely to be satisfied with the employees they find.

In the long run, that low turnover rate will save the costs you otherwise would have spent on hiring and training new employees. A low turnover rate also boosts your company morale and bolsters your reputation to future job seekers.

Work With a Hardworking Staffing Agency in Idaho and Utah

Finding a staffing partner that understands your needs and helps drive your business to hiring success is a substantial advantage. Extreme Staffing and Payroll has six locations in Idaho and Utah to help your business grow. Contact us today to get started.

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