Simple Life Hacks to Keep Yourself Relevant in an Ever-Changing Workplace

Today’s workplace is changing constantly. Job descriptions are shifting, the ideal candidate is evolving, and the competition’s skills are increasing. Instead of manufacturers or corporations employing workers for their entire careers, we now have a world where companies’ employment needs are always changing and so are the qualifications and experiences of the job seekers.

It’s up to you to make yourself memorable and stand out from the competition. Here are six simple life hacks to make yourself relevant in an ever-changing workplace.

Make Your Face Known

Use a picture to liven up your resume, LinkedIn profile or your email address. Seeing an actual person helps make a memory and create a lasting impression. If you can’t be there for a real, in-person interview, use social media to show potential employers that you have a face.

Tell a Story

You’ve lived a life full of compelling experiences! Prove it by learning to tell a story with fresh material every week or even every day. It could be about something you tried, learned or accomplished. However, don’t let it be gossip about other people – that can be a major turn-off.

Communicate Your Value

Convince your audience – either prospective employers or your current boss – you can add value to their company. Listen to what they need and make sure your message echoes those needs. If you focus on your needs or interests, they’ll probably tune you out.

Present a Pleasant Voice

Be enthusiastic and exciting! If you can, use the phone or face-to-face interactions to express your passion and energy. Emails are quick to be deleted or ignored, but real conversations are genuine and more memorable.

Stay Focused Throughout the Process

Learn to stay on track – both in conversation and written communication. If people have trouble understanding your point or they’re hinting that it’s time to wrap up your chatter, work on staying focused to convey your point. Know the message you’re looking to send before you communicate and practice expressing it. Use emphasis to really underscore your points.

Compliment, Sincerely

People tend to listen more closely to words of praise, so offer an honest, thoughtful compliment. It shows you’re paying attention and you’re interested. They’re more likely to remember you if you’ve made them feel good – and not to mention making someone else feel good makes you feel good in return!

Are you ready to get a new job in 2019? Keep yourself relevant on the job hunt with these helpful pieces of advice! If you are looking for new opportunities in Idaho or Utah, contact your local Extreme Staffing branch today.

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