How Can Servant Leadership Improve Your Business in 2019

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Servant leadership is the notion that instead of the leader of a company commanding its employees, the leader should support the employees. The leader provides guidance and direction, but ultimately, the employees have been empowered to make their own decisions. Servant leadership has flipped company cultures on their heads as it encourages leaders to help their employees instead of the other way around, making employees feel respected, trusted and fully engaged. Here’s how servant leadership can improve your business in 2019.

Employees Feel Respected

When you empower your employees to make decisions, they’ll feel trusted, respected and more confident. They’ll feel more loyal to the company and will want to do everything in their power to see it succeed.

Employees Can Share Ideas

In top-down leadership, employees don’t always have the opportunity to share their ideas. Instead, their innovations and inventions are often stifled because employers reserve all decision-making power for themselves. But under servant leadership, employees are invited to share and implement their own ideas, which allows them to do the job they were hired to do.

Experts Make Decisions

The employees are the ones on the frontlines every day, so they’re the ones who are best equipped to make important decisions. The CEO and other managers know a lot, but they don’t have enough information about the company’s reality or the nitty-gritty details to tell employees how to do their jobs. They must trust that employees will do what’s best for the company.

You Can Skip the Red Tape

All companies, whether they want to or not, gradually develop procedures that are burdened with red tape and bureaucracy that ultimately slow down the decision-making process. So, under top-down leadership, even the best of ideas will have to be approved by several layers of managers while servant leadership allows the employee to make an important decision right then and there, in real time.

Leaders Must Get Their Hands Dirty

In order to understand what employees need to fulfill their responsibilities, a leader must fully understand what it’s like to do every role in the company. This way they can hire people they think are able to perform those jobs and thoughtfully provide their employees with necessary resources. Then they’ll know exactly what training is needed and what feedback to provide.

Employees Are Happier

When employees can make their own decisions for the company, they know they’ll be held accountable for those decisions. They’ll do what they believe is truly good for the company to keep it competitive while their managers work tirelessly in the background to stay in contact with their staff and provide any resources they need.

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