Include These Words on Your Resume to Stand out as a Top Applicant

When you’re applying for a new job, you want to prove you’re the top candidate, and one of the best ways to do that is to show you’ve mastered the skills required for the job and you’re an inspiring, effective leader. Your resume and your interviews are the keys to doing that. The words you choose to describe yourself demonstrate immediately whether you have the necessary skills and experience for a new role. Below are some words you can include on your resume to make yourself stand out as a top candidate.

Show Your Initiative

You want to show you’re a trailblazer! Of course, you can do the basic skills necessary for the new role, but can you also innovate in a way that will help turn your company into a powerhouse? Try using words like spearhead, pioneer, ignite, pilot, transform, revitalize, modernize or optimize. They all show you led a critical project or generated an idea that added value to your company.

Show How You Add Value as an Employee

Most employers will appreciate it if you can show you value your company’s resources and can add bottom-line value within your role. People who can either manage or show their impact on money and budgets are usually awarded additional challenges and promotions, so a sense of fiscal responsibility is important. Use terms like cut costs, drove growth, sped up processes, invested, reduced or negotiated. You treat your company’s resources like your own and your efforts power the business toward sustainable growth.

Demonstrate Management Skills

Perhaps the trickiest skill of any leadership position is the ability to manage people. You must motivate people, encourage growth and professional development, and find that delicate balance between enforcement and leniency. Show you can rally the troops and achieve your goals by using strong action verbs like coach, mentor, support, shape, ignite, motivate, uplift, advocate, unite and galvanize. Don’t forget to include yourself as part of the team — don’t talk about what “I” did, talk about what “we” did. Collaboration and cooperation are important in any job.

Prove You’re Influential

And finally, you want to demonstrate you’re important and you can get your co-workers, customers and other stakeholders to do what you want them to do. When you talk, people listen—you can articulate ideas and strategies in a way that people understand and respect. Use words like negotiate, convince, win, gain buy-in, prompt, mobilize, spur and propel.

Words can be very powerful if you use them correctly, so choose carefully to prove you have the skills, charisma and experience to help power a company. Ready to put your words to use and apply for your next position? Extreme Staffing is here to help you find new work opportunities in Idaho and Utah. Apply today or contact a member of our team to get started.

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