Avoid Burning Bridges: What to Do When It’s Time to Change Jobs

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Many people stay at a job too long, until the feelings get stale or they even feel animosity towards their company or co-workers. This can be a tricky situation to navigate. You might want to sever ties with everyone you know there, but those people might be helpful later on. They could be valuable references or they might just be people you want to keep in your network for another opportunity down the road.

No matter what you do, you don’t want to alienate bosses and colleagues in your current job. Every reference can help you find the next job of your dreams. Here’s what to do when it’s time to change jobs so you can avoid burning bridges.

Don’t Lose Positive References

When you’re applying for a new job while you’re still employed, the hiring manager probably won’t call your current boss for a reference. Your current boss probably doesn’t even know you’re job hunting! Instead, they’ll turn to recommendations from past bosses and supervisors. If you didn’t leave a past job on a good note, that might come back to bite you.

Give Proper Notice

It’s pretty standard to give two weeks’ notice when you leave a position. Some industries have longer terms that are considered the norm, so make sure you’re following the standard. If you quit without notice, you might earn some resentment or animosity from co-workers and bosses.

Keep Records

That two weeks’ notice gives your employer a chance to wrap up loose ends and train someone new. Make it easy for your replacement and document everything you do. Keep track of your regular responsibilities and procedures, passwords, equipment, upcoming meetings, the status of your project and any other tasks that only you do. Make the transition as smooth as possible, and your co-workers and bosses will appreciate your extra efforts.

Close Your Employment on a Strong Note

It’s only two more weeks, so go the extra mile! Make your boss and co-workers remember how hard you always worked and the long hours you put in. Keep up with your responsibilities and finish anything you can. If you slack off or leave loose ends, you’ll lose the goodwill of your supervisor and co-workers.

Be Positive About Your Company

No matter how you felt about your boss or your company, you need to put that behind you. Remember that you’re grateful for the opportunity they gave you and no matter what, you’ll miss this place! Stay professional and focused on your new challenges ahead of you. Leave with a reputation of eternal optimism and flexibility, not negativity or complaining.

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