What Motivates Employees and Supervisors to Work Safely?

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What motivates supervisors to pay attention to safety and what motivates workers to do the same are totally different things. Supervisors want to avoid fines and violations and keep staff working, while employees are inspired to adhere to safety guidelines when they hear cautionary tales about other workers or are presented the necessary information in a creative format. Here’s how to motivate workers and supervisors to work safely.

What Motivates Employees

Most employees report that hearing personal stories is a great way to get them to follow safety rules. Pictures of injuries and accidents and anecdotes from other workers that they can identify with are the most effective means. By imagining themselves in the same position, performing the same tasks that led to injury, workers can see just how dangerous their jobs can be and just how important those safety regulations are.

Workers also reported that safety videos, interactive training programs, a company newsletter, and PowerPoint presentations with quizzes are also effective getting employees to buy in to safety rules.

What Motivates Supervisors

Supervisors, on the other hand, are motivated by following the rules and keeping their safety record at zero accidents. Most managers are concerned with avoiding compliance violations and have their company steer clear of regulatory fines. They know company policies are set for a reason and it’s their job to enforce the rules and discipline insubordinate or forgetful employees if necessary.

Know Your Audience

Whether you’re training supervisors or front-line workers in safety procedures, make sure safety is a priority for your company. It should be part of the culture, not something you check off a to-do list. For your employees, share personal stories and real-life lessons. Give details about what happened and how the accident could have been avoided by following proper safety protocol. If possible, have a real person come in to tell their story.

You might find that looking that person in the eye might resonate with your employees each time they secure their protective eyewear or operate a piece of heavy machinery. And for your supervisors, remind them what’s at stake if they don’t enforce the safety rules. Not only will the company suffer, you might lose a life, feel a sense of guilt, or even face criminal charges.

Need Help Finding Employees Who Prioritize Safety?

Building and developing a safety culture in your organization requires buy-in from employees and managers alike. Looking for employees that will work diligently and help contribute to your safety culture? Contact Extreme Staffing and Payroll for your staffing needs in Idaho and Utah.

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