How to Keep Your Career Ahead of Automation Advances

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Automation and advances in technology are inevitable, presenting two options: you can surrender your career to it, or you can adapt and be prepared for coming changes. The working world is no longer suited for people who’ve trained in a single skill. Technology changes, demand changes, jobs change, and some jobs even disappear. Here’s how you can prepare to stay ahead of automation in your career.

Develop Your Problem-Solving Skills

The ability to recognize, diagnose and solve problems in the workplace require skills that will transcend technology and time. Those intangible, immeasurable skills like curiosity, creativity, emotional intelligence, flexibility, resilience and critical thinking will always be valued. These skills transfer across disciplines as well – so if you’re thinking of making a career change, think about how you solved problems in one job and what skills helped you do so.

Stay Apprised of New Credentialing Systems

Apprenticeships, mentorships, and other experiential learning will only continue to grow and might even begin to overtake the importance of the traditional college degree. As people look to adapt their and grow their skills, an increased number of self-directed learning opportunities will arise, and companies will begin to accept alternative certifications.

Cultivate Your Soft Skills

The ability to effectively deal with people will always be a valuable skill. If you can express yourself both verbally and in writing, those communication skills will help you immensely. Listening and empathizing, whether in customer service, training new employees or managing issues in the workplace, are critically important since the need to interact with people will never go away. Your work ethic, punctuality and ability to work with others are more soft skills that translate to different jobs and industries.

Never Stop Learning

As more and more learning systems are moving online, make sure you’re taking advantage of that accessibility. You can either tackle them on your own or use the ones that your company offers and sponsors. The more training and knowledge you obtain, the better prepared you’ll be for whatever the future holds for your job. Technology doesn’t change the need for people, it just changes their role.

Anticipate the Change in Your Industry

You can probably expect to change careers at least two or three times—no more lifetime employment working for the same company for forty years! So be prepared for those changes. Be thinking about where your industry is going, what the trending demand is, and what the future of your role might look like. Plan ahead and start training for those new skills you’ll need now.

For more information on adapting your career to prepare for the future, there are a number of avenues you can explore! If you’re looking for a new job in Idaho or Utah, contact Extreme Staffing and Payroll today.

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