Three Ways to Hire Your Next Top Employee Quicker

The job market for light industrial work is competitive, so it’s important to attract and hire top talent quickly. When you find the right person who’s a great cultural fit, you need to move fast, before they get snatched up by your competition!

This doesn’t mean you should make an impulsive decision, but it does mean you need to be prepared. Have a solid idea of what your ideal candidate looks like and communicate with top candidates frequently. If they don’t hear from you in a few short days, they’re likely to take a competing offer.

Here are three ways to hire your next top employee more quickly.

1. Make it easy for candidates to express their interest.

Whether you’re using social media as part of your hiring process or simply using your company’s website, make it easy for interested candidates to reach out to you. Maybe you ask them to “like” something on your social media pages, shoot you a private message or use email marketing they can simply reply to. The more data you collect on potential candidates, the better! Your company’s website should also feature a “Careers” page, with a mobile-friendly interface that allows candidates to easily submit their names and contact information.

2. Shorten your application process.

The optimal time between screening interviews and offering a job is about ten days, so where can you cut corners? Do you really need four rounds of interviews? Who are your decision-makers when it comes to hiring? Does every single person really need to weigh in each time? Or can you narrow the process to just two opinions? You can probably trust just one or two of your experienced hiring managers to decide whether to proceed with candidates. Have your decision-makers or hiring managers prioritize the search for great cultural fits and are willing to work hard. Almost everything else can be coached or taught.

3. Engage new job seekers where they are!

Sometimes the best way to find who is and isn’t a great fit for your company is to meet a lot of candidates. The best ones will often stand out from a crowd, so the more personalities you can screen, the better. This means engaging job seekers where they are. Some might still be employed and only casually looking, which means you’ll have to lure them in with Facebook ads or by having your current employees “share” info about your job openings. Other might be more aggressive, maybe even desperately trying to find a job and anxious for a start date that’s soon.

You should never feel rushed in your hiring process, but if you have a good feeling about a candidate, have a plan in place to hire them before your competition does. For more information on finding top talent to power your company, contact the team at Extreme Staffing and Payroll or request an employee today.

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