What Story Does Your Resume Tell Employers About You?

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Your resume is your primary marketing tool – the first thing employers see – so it’s important to make sure it tells the right story. You want it to describe a hardworking, experienced job seeker who’s eager for their next opportunity. Potential employers are looking for three things – you’re capable of the job; you want to do the job; and you want to look for them. Here’s what your resume says about you and how you can craft it to tell the right story.

How Do You Sell Your Past Experiences?

You want your resume to be a page-turner that keeps your potential employer engaged, wanting to dive in and be a part of the next step in your career. By highlighting common threads that run throughout your career, you’ll be showing the passions or your talents or skills that somehow shine in all your past opportunities.

Even if you’ve had a string of jobs that seem kind of random – teacher, lifeguard, bank teller – emphasize the skills you utilized in each one. Customer service, organization, time management and teamwork are skills that will always apply to any job.

Be Concise with Your Descriptions

Very few hiring managers will continue reading if your resume is more than a single page, so you must concisely express the most critical components of your jobs. Leave off irrelevant jobs that just take up valuable space and draw attention to your most impressive accomplishments.

Focus on Your Goals

A powerful career statement and some professional information right at the top are good ways to communicate your goals and show you’re eager to make the right first impression. From that, a hiring manager will be able to see how driven you are and how you’ve been able to keep progressing and advancing toward your goals.

Keep a Keen Eye on the Details

No one wants to hire someone who’s spacy or forgetful. Instead, most companies are seeking people who pay close attention to detail, so show that off by making sure you don’t have inaccurate dates or missing information. Remember that hiring managers call references to confirm details, so check and double-check to make sure your resume is 100 percent accurate.

Education and Certifications

Not only will hiring managers look at all your relevant degrees, licensures and certifications, they’ll also look at how up to date you are on contemporary resume protocol. This will show how much you’ve researched and prepared for this job search, which might be a hint at how seriously you take yourself and your career.

It takes time and dedication to build the perfect resume, but the opportunity to stand out from the pile of applications received by hiring managers is worth it. Once you have crafted a resume to help you find a position you’ll love, contact Extreme Staffing and find a great job in Idaho or Utah today.

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