Four Things to Consider When Converting Temporary Employees to Permanent Ones

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The transition of a temporary employee to a permanent employee is an important one. If you hired them directly, that process is all up to you, though you can use the following considerations for guidance. But if you used a staffing agency, there’s a lot more to think about, such as the binding contract, the staffing company’s policy, and what kind of employee you’re dealing with.

Here are four things to consider when you’re converting a temporary employee into a permanent one.

Look for Solid Work Ethic

You can’t change a person’s character, but you can train them in additional skills, coach them in your company’s procedure and encourage them to earn necessary certifications and licensures. So, it’s important to hire temporary employees who have shown they can work hard and have a willingness to learn more. You can’t teach effort! Nor can you teach people to continue to seek improvement.

Consider the Cultural Fit

Company culture is important to most employees, and they usually have a pretty solid idea of whether they fit into your company. If your company thrives on collaboration or open workspaces, you might not want to hire someone who proves to be a quiet, more independent worker. Or vice versa. An extroverted, person who likes to travel from person to person seeking input and ideas might not appreciate a work environment where people often retreat to their solitary stations to work alone. And sometimes it’s the company values or mission that don’t match up. If an employee doesn’t fit into your goals and objective, they’re probably not a great hire.

Note the Employee’s Life Circumstances

You’ve probably gotten to know the temporary employee pretty well during their tenure with you. If you haven’t, you might want to ask a few inquiring questions to help you decide whether to offer them a permanent position. If you know they enjoy temporary roles, which free them up for travel or relocating to different cities, that person might not be a great hire. Even if they accept your permanent offer, you’re taking a chance they won’t be a flight risk—leaving after a few months to seek another adventure.

Think About the Conversion Fee

You and your temporary employee have surely signed a contract, and in it there’s probably clause that specifies if and how the staffing agency is to be compensated in the case of making a permanent hire. Often the agency will receive a percentage of the annual salary. Or, if the employee was a temp for a long period of time and the agency was already receiving regular payment, that fee will be waived. Make sure you know if and how you need to make a payment.

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