Working and Studying? Why Temporary Work Could Be Right for You

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Going to school and working at the same time? It’s not unheard of, but it sure is admirable! And a lot of times, it’s necessary. Tuition is expensive and you’ve got bills to pay, so it helps to have that money coming in. Many studies even suggest that students who are working actually earn better grades than students who aren’t. That’s because you’re using your time better, prioritizing your homework on your days off instead of indulging in leisure activities.

Here are some reasons why temporary work might be right for you.

Develop Professional Skills

Most employers are looking for students with professional skill sets that are already developing. They’re looking for time management skills, organizational skills, communication skills—all of which you can gain in almost any position. These experiences and skills will impress any future employer and set you apart from other candidates who haven’t been working while in school.

Get a Foot in the Door

If you get placed in a company you really like, in a field you’re passionate about, you’ll probably want to see if you can turn this short-term stint into something permanent. Fortunately, you’re already getting to know people there, establishing a reputation for yourself and making yourself known. Even if they don’t have a permanent role for you right away, if you work hard enough and make a good impression, chances are your name will come up in the future when they’re looking to hire someone.

Add to Your Resume

And you can add all these valuable skills to your resume. Even if you end up going into another industry, you’ve developed transferrable skills you can put on there. You’ll have on-the-job training, with skills and experiences that will make you more qualified and more desirable to hiring managers.

Establish Important Contacts

Advancing your career is all about networking. Work hard, be on time, and really try to impress those around you. You never know who can help you get hired in the future—either as a hiring manager or vouching for you as a reference.

Explore Various Fields

You’re probably not totally sure what field you want to commit to, so temp work can be a great way to explore a lot of different companies and industries in a short amount of time. Without any love lost, you can spend a few weeks at one company gaining hands-on experience, and then go try out another role at a totally different company when your term’s up. You’ll get a chance to understand the real ins and outs of a job in different fields and get a feel for the personality of a company.

If you’re looking for temporary employment while studying and working towards your degree, Extreme Staffing and Payroll, the hardworking staffing company servicing Idaho and Utah, is here to help! Contact us today for help on your job search.

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