It’s About Time: The Importance of Being Punctual

extreme staffing importance of being punctual

Punctuality is a sign of respect and professionalism and helps you stand out as a reliable and trustworthy. Even if you can slip by in your current job being a few minutes late here and there, it’s unlikely that behavior will allow you to be promoted to your next position. And it’s certainly not acceptable to make a first impression being late to a job interview! Here are a few reasons punctuality is so important in the workplace.

Be Professional

Professional people prioritize punctuality. It helps you establish a reputation as a trustworthy person who can be depended upon for important tasks and hefty responsibility. It’s one of the first things supervisors and hiring managers look for in potential hires. Make a good first impression and be on time!

Increase Your Credibility

Punctuality is crucial to your job security! When you’re consistently on time, co-workers and managers feel like they can trust you to do important jobs. It shows you’re self-disciplined and courteous towards others to respect their time as well. People who are frequently late gradually develop the reputation of being lazy, self-indulgent or egocentric.

Show You Respect Others

Of course, there are circumstances completely outside of your control that will occasionally make you late – traffic, a bad snowstorm, a sick child or feeling ill yourself. But if you’re late again and again, making your manager and co-workers wait for you before they can start a meeting or collaborate on a project, you’re showing you don’t have a lot of respect for your time. If you show you respect them, they’ll show you the same courtesy and consideration. Be on time! Don’t make your colleagues resent you!

Limit Your Stress

Let’s face it – when you’re running late, you’re hurried and stressed! It sets you up to feel anxious the rest of the day and makes you rush through tasks. But when you’re on time – or even early – you can sit back, sip your coffee, gather your thoughts and plan out the rest of your day.

Be More Productive

If you’re on time, you’ll have more time to get your work done, which can help you get ahead. You’ll turn your assignments in on time and won’t have to panic, trying desperately to meet your deadlines. If you work in an interdependent work environment, other people are probably waiting on you before they can complete their tasks and projects. So if you’re delaying them, you’re affecting the productivity of the whole team and possibly the whole company.

Be Reliable

If people know they can trust you to be on time, they’ll trust you with other things as well—keys to the buildings, important information, big projects and responsibilities, and even significant decision-making. Your punctuality might even line you up for a big promotion! Looking to make a strong impression in your job search? Let the team at Extreme Staffing help you find a great new opportunity in your area.

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