Five Things to Look For in a Candidate’s Driving Record

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You can learn a lot about a candidate from their driving record. Sure, you can ask plenty of questions during the interview and calls with references, but is that enough? Driving records provide a more objective look at the history of your candidate.

If you’re not already checking driving records as part of your hiring process, it might be time to start. Here are five things you should look for on a driving record.

Traffic Infractions and Speeding Tickets

A lot of personality traits translate over to a person’s driving habits. When a motor vehicle report tells you the status of driving privileges, any restrictions, the expiration date, suspensions and revocations, violations, accidents and DUIs, it’s actually revealing a lot of information about the person. For example, a responsible, dependable driver is often a responsible, dependable person.

At-Fault Accidents

Any accidents that were the fault of the candidate could be an indication they are easily distracted, forgetful or lazy. Alternatively, they might be an aggressive driver, which could put them in unwanted situations if they were representing your company behind the wheel.

Unpaid Fines

Neglecting to pay fines might show the person is forgetful or disorganized. Maybe they doesn’t acknowledge their mistakes or hold themselves accountable for their actions.

Driving Under the Influence

There are a few red flags to be aware of when you’re looking for a candidate’s behavior history. Note a suspended or revoked license, any violations involving drugs, alcohol or controlled substances, leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, or any accident where they were deemed to be at fault that involved a fatality or serious injury.

Potential Liabilities to Your Business

A driving record will give you a sneak peek into someone’s behavioral history, which is a lot more than an interview can tell you. A candidate is very intentional about presenting their best self during an interview, but a driving record presents the truth. Look for anything that might tell you hiring this person will be risky. Remember they’ll represent your company, and you don’t want their questionable behavior to reflect poorly on you, particularly if they’re going to be driving as part of the job or maneuvering a company vehicle. Your insurance rates could soar!

Looking for a Hardworking Staffing Partner?

If perusing through a person’s driving record convinces you to never let them drive your car, then they’re probably not someone you want making decisions on behalf of your company. Only you can decide what level of risk you’re comfortable with. If your business is looking for help with filling positions like these, get help fast from the staffing and payroll professionals at Extreme Staffing.

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