New Year’s Resolutions Off Track? Here’s How to Get Started

So, you made a big new year’s resolution related to your career. You planned to get a new job, earn a big promotion or set off on your business venture. Big plans, very ambitious! But suddenly it’s April… have you made any progress? Here are some tips to get started if you’ve gotten stalled on your new year’s resolution.

Set Small, Attainable Goals

Sometimes we create grand goals that are too generalized and too vague, and if we’re not there by a certain time, we give up completely. Instead, make smaller goals that you can easily measure. For example, if you want to find a new job, make your goal to send out your resume to three companies by the end of the week. Or to research two careers related to your sought-after field. Because these are small goals, they’re more easily attained, building your confidence and fueling your momentum.

If you don’t reach a goal, don’t quit! It doesn’t mean that you’ve failed or that you should be ashamed of yourself, it just means you need to set a new goal and try again. Cut yourself some slack and keep your end goal in mind so you stay motivated. Visualize yourself in a rewarding, stimulating and even prestigious position. High-five yourself regularly and reward yourself when you meet your goals and find successes.

Get Your Resume Ready

Your resume should be only one page. If you’re new to the workforce, focus on transferable skills from school projects, relevant classes, or volunteer positions. If you’re more experienced, cut your work history down so it excludes anything you’ve done more than 15 years ago. Include only relevant experience. No need to include some of those random summer jobs or those endeavors you had in high school. Use action verbs and precise numbers or metrics to highlight your accomplishments.

Use Your Network

Enlist everyone you can think of to help you – old bosses, colleagues, friends, relatives and other professional acquaintances. Be ready to network! Make important connections at industry events, alumni reunions, coffee shops, wherever! Let people know you’re looking for a new challenge and prepare a quick career summary when people ask what you do. Bring business cards, write down names, phone numbers, and email addresses, and follow up with emails and lunches when you can. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date, you’re connected to everyone you know, and you’re doing everything you can to enhance your public job-seeking persona.

Need Some Help Getting Started?

The job search process can be a long road with many bumps and turns, and it helps to have someone there to help you navigate this path to your goals. Trust the team that goes the extra mile for you and contact your local Extreme Staffing branch today.

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