Three Tips for Managing a Flexible Workforce

Taking on temporary staff during your company’s busy season is a great way to make sure your business continues to provide service without finding yourself overstaffed as your busy season levels off. When you hire and utilize these employees effectively, they’re a great way to fill gaps and stabilize your workflow.

The first step in this process is to establish ground rules and make sure guidelines and goals have been set. Here are three tips to manage a flexible workforce.

Recruit Wisely

Select your temporary staff carefully and pay for only the labor you need. It’s true that temporary employees cost less than hiring full-time employees since you don’t have to pay for full-time benefits, but don’t hire just anyone who applies. Be sure they have the skills and attributes you need them to have to support your business.

Know the cycles of your industry and plan ahead so you have sufficient time to collect resumes, conduct interviews and make good hires. A hasty decision about an unqualified candidate will probably cost you more money because you’ll have an unproductive workforce. Have a contract in place that outlines all conditions and stipulations from the beginning. This eliminates misunderstandings later in the process.

Manage the Expectations of Seasonal Workers

Demand for these seasonal workers will surely wax and wane, so short-term contracts are inevitable. Temporary employees are entitled to the same hours, holidays, and pay as your other workers. Make sure you’re transparent about the length of the job, duties, wages, and other benefits. And stay informed on employment-related legislation, so you can guarantee you’re treating your staff ethically and fairly. Stay in touch with clients about other opportunities that might come up, even during seasons when additional staffing might not be needed. Having great relationships with workers makes it easier to fill positions in times of need.

Keep Your Permanent Team Engaged

Make sure your permanent employees are kept in the loop, so there’s no confusion or ill will. Explain to your full team why the temporary employees have been hired and how they can work together in the best way possible. You want your full-time employees to be nurturing, helpful, and welcoming to the temporary employees, not unfriendly or resentful. Keeping all of your team members on the same page is key for success.

How Can Extreme Staffing Help You?

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