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“While work for CSM has slowed down we have found using Extreme Staffing has made it easier for us to continue to bid work and man the work as needed. We also have to spend less time on office work due to these duties being done by Extreme Staffing. Therefore this relationship is very beneficial to CSM ”

~Steve at CSM (Creative Sheet Metal)

“Extreme Staffing provides us with dependable tradesman and laborers as we need. The flexibility they offer is outstanding. Because of Extreme’s performance they are our choice for staffing.”

~Michael Arrington, President Starr Corporation

“Extreme Staffing has provided us with dependable workers who have been eager to learn and participate in our roof truss manufacturing process. We are very satisfied with our choice of Extreme Staffing”

~Ellen Shepherd, Shepherd Truss Company Inc.

“Pocatello Extreme Staffing has two hard working and upbeat individuals in the office that are a pleasure to do business with. I appreciate them finding the work for me so I don’t have to”

~Bill Miller – employed since April 2013

“Extreme put me to work immediately after applying. The pay is good especially if you have a trade”

~Richard Wall – employed since September 2012

“I, Eldon Knutter, work for Extreme Staffing. They got me a good paying job full time. They treat me good, They are the best”

~Eldon Knutter – employed since January 2013

“My name is Carl, a 53 year old male that retired from the construction world. I became bored with all the free time that I had and went in to see what Extreme had to offer. I thought that I would end up with a ditch digging job or something with my back hurting. To my surprise I found that Extreme had many top businesses hiring their employees through their agency.

“Joe, the COO of Extreme gave me a call one day and let me know of a job that he was asked to fill for a large construction company. This job was the quality control manager and would or could last for a while. I thought about getting back into the regular job scene and felt that this job could be interesting and the pay was good. I have been at this job for more than a year now and it has led to new doors opening that changed my whole life. I would like to thank Joe and his staff for all the help and opportunity that the Extreme staff has provided to me”

~Carl Baxter – employed since August 2012

“I would like to thank Extreme Staffing for giving me the chance to prove myself. Believe me, I was almost to the point of giving up when I went in and applied at Extreme. They listened to me and I could tell they wanted to help even though I had no job experience. One day later they had a job for me and it’s been over three months. They even helped me get my apprenticeship in HVAC.”

~Brandon Sams employed since March 2013

“Tom and his friendly staff at Extreme Staffing in Twin Falls did an amazing job placing both my husband and I in amazing jobs. They placed my husband a year ago and he loves his line of work and found me a wonderful position that has helped improve our family’s life. We are both on solid career paths thanks to Tom and his team and would recommend Extreme Staffing to anyone looking for a great job!”

~A.Smith employed since March 2013